Greetings, I’m Tim.

My name is Timothy.

I am an Active duty Air Force veteran I was a Sere specialist (survival evasion resistance and escape) The irony here is that my actual job was to teach the military how to survive, evade resist and escape oppressive governments. :joy:

Because they trained me how to break social conditioning this ultimately led me the the start of my truth journey in 2012.

I grew up in New Hampshire but currently have a nomadic lifestyle over all of New England. The last place that I had residence was in Whitefield New Hampshire.

I’m looking for a community who will stand, locked arms in love come whatever may in this present storm. Let’s create heaven and earth shall we?

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Hi Tim,

Come join us in New Hampshire. If we ever hope to strive for independence or some other formation of a non-state territory inside or outside US concerns we’ll need people with your skills to train liberty-minded individuals on tactics. I wouldn’t anticipate a revolution any time soon, people here are peaceful, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t interested in picking up the skills that would be needed should shit ever truly hit the fan. The reality is most people are at most at the learning to shoot point, not at a take anything over point, but there is no reason to stop at learning to shoot, even if you don’t have any intent or plan to shoot or takeover.

Hey Timothy,

I echo some of penguin’s comments. I think if you are interested in teaching, that you will find a few students willing to learn. There are people that are life learners who would be interested in your skill set. Some people who enjoy the nomadic, the backwoods, or Vonu lifestyles find there is a lot of freedom in NH to enrich and enjoy themselves. Even if in your nomadic travels you visit NH you will find people that would welcome you to their fireside.

Thank you for your kind words,

I was not trained as a bad ass tactical operator anyways😂. Most of my expertise in hand to hand combat (which if available would include wielding a carbine or a pistol type weapon) are in scenarios where the objective would be to survive and break contact in a ambush/ outnumbered and outgunned situation.

there are many schools out there that will teach you these sexy, But in my opinion not nearly as valuable skills.

Armed revolutions are definitely not my forte nor would I ever recommend this approach. It is my opinion that in order to reverse tyranny and have freedom in whatever landmass we roam we must fight the battle for this liberty within. Most in the freedom movement are not physically, Mentally or spiritually prepared to truly steward our own sovereignty. We can get there very quickly though if we organize and do the inner work so that our mindset is aligned with Freedom. A true warrior must conquer the conflict within before he will have the resolve to conquer the conflict with the external.

The psychology of survival, mindset Of the warrior and survival skills are Where are my 15 years of expertise and my main energy is focused.

What are you going to do after you pick up your gun? Even if you have a group of buddies who have some guns And experience on a one-way shooting range? What happens when it’s a two-way shooting range? do they have kit? How about Body armor, combat load, triage medical kit for gun shot trauma? Do they have the intestinal fortitude and warrior ethos to put a tourniquet on themselves and continue fighting? After a long day of fighting can they bed down and pull security in a small fire team and make it through the night? These skill sets are extremely complex and far more advanced than your typical, beer Bubba backwoods NRA card holder could acquire even if he dedicated himself for the next two years to the craft. the Survival techniques I teach would be a much better use of our time because they focus on building independence and security through self reliance and working with nature. If we can provide for our own basic human needs (personal protection from environmental and Socio political threats, communication, sustenance, medical And travel in both permissive and non-permissive environments, than we can have a realistic opportunity for liberty even if that just means to be left alone. If we are dependent on the infrastructure there’s nowhere to do “take your ball and go home“ to.

we are thinking along the same lines because I’m currently developing curriculum that could easily be tailored for the shire/Agro freedom movement.

@penguin @cyberdoo, Please pass my information to any one who would be interested in collaborating or investing.
This training is so extremely valuable right now.

Your response was very informative, thank you. I never believe the hype about “bad ass operators”. It’s great entertainment but, not reality.

I’m of the opinion that using violence against government is like using a knife in a gun fight(Joe Average will lose, “bad ass operators” will probably lose). I think that evasion is a far better tactic then confrontation. I’m of a boy scout mindset, “be prepared”.

I’m all up for learning new skills and teaching what I know.

Hi Tim, I pretty much agree here we need to keep the 2a to protect the 1a, but make max. use of the 1a while we have it for the most part. The camera, reporting, and the arts used to win hearts and minds will play a major factor as will breaking gov. conditioning that is prevalent in our schools and major media.