Greetings from one of the least free states...


Hello all,

I am the jadedporcupine from California. I am just your typical 30-something forging my path through life in pursuit of liberty. I am here to learn more about New Hampshire, the Shire Society, and the ideas of liberty. I found the Free Talk Live podcast one day when looking for something “different” and interesting, which eventually led me to find and joins these forums. I’m hoping to visit New Hampshire soon to get to know the area and maybe even make the move!



Cool, are you coming to Forkfest?

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Welcome, glad to have you. :heart:


I wish! By the time I found out about the event it was already too late to try to get time off from work and plan the trip.

I might try to sneak away to freedom fest since it’s only a few hours drive from where I am. We shall see…