Greetings from Chicago

Tell us about yourself - Data Science/Analytics professional by day libertarian, musician and free market enthusiast after-hours; currently living in the People’s Republic of Chicago.

Why are you here? Interested to learn more about NH and FSP and moving

How did you find these forums? Liberty Radio Network


Hi, Welcome! What sort of data do you analyze? As far as reasons to move, we’ve got a nice long list here ( and here (The New Hampshire Advantage | Free State Project). Reasons to move to Keene specifically are on the Free Keene website. (150+ Reasons to Move | Free Keene) I’m in Grafton. Grafton is nice because it doesn’t have zoning and a smaller population so it’s easier to get the numbers to win an election. It’s very rural.

Hi Seven, thanks for the note and links! I work in the heart of darkness aka healthcare. Mostly using my digital advertising background to facilitate patient/member outreach which ultimately will help people.

Odds are that I’ll end up in Manchester (or Portsmouth) as that is about as rural as my wife could handle LOL. But Keene definitely has the rep.