Greetings from Bedford!

Hello everyone! I’m a father of two and moved to NH several years ago in search of a place where I can live and raise my two beautiful children without the ever-present state breathing down my neck and bleeding me dry.

When I first moved here, I had every intention of jumping in to the libertarian/ancap scene full bore, finding a few fellow travelers and working to make my new home even freer. Life had other ideas though, and a family tragedy and the subsequent turmoil of a nasty divorce has left me raising my two children alone while fighting the state at every turn to protect myself and my children from my severely mentally ill ex-spouse.

I’ve always leaned toward the ideals of liberty as far back as I can remember, but it was reading Ludwig von Mises and the Satoshi whitepaper after college that I became convinced that the statist system to which we are subjected is fundamentally broken and only fixable through radical disempowerment of the state and the dismantling of unjust, corrupt and fundamentally anti-human centralized systems of control.

Though my personal struggles with the state continue, I can no longer put off what I meant to do several years ago, so I am reaching out here in the hopes that I can get better acquainted with the liberty movement and meet some like minded people.

I have a computer/tech background and have been following the development of bitcoin for a very long time - my greatest wish is to live long enough to witness, and hopefully contribute to, the complete death of the morally abhorrent state-backed system of centralized monetary control that has perverted our civilization at every level. If anyone here wants to talk crypto, the history of Bitcoin, decentralization, tech or anything else under the sun, I’m always down for the get-down.

If anyone else here has recently joined, I’d appreciate any thoughts you might have as to how I can get more involved with meetups, activism in NH, etc. I want to do what I can!

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Good to have you here bitcoin guy… I used to live over on Highland Farms…

Since no one replied yet, I’ll speak up. I don’t live in NH, but it seems most like-minded people are in Keene and Manchester.

Porchfest is also a good event to attend to meet like-minded people near you.

There’s another event, but the name escapes me, atm.

Also listen to Free Talk Live to hear about upcoming events. Personally, I watch FTL on


Yea, Keene’s got a great community. There is a calendar of events for the Keene area at or more specifically here: Calendar | Free Keene

There are actually more events than listed, but for whatever reason some are more exclusive to those in the know. Come and visit and we’ll get you hooked up with the various other liberty-led tech meetups, social Tuesdays, and privacy coin meetups.

There are people in more than just Keene and Manchester, but Keene and Manchester are definitely happening places. Manchester definitely has a larger population both in terms of libertarians moving in and constitutes a small city. Manchester is like 100,000 or so people whereas Keene only has 23,000 or so people. The Keene folks tend to do more activism-related stuff, but overall there are probably more people elected to the state house from across the state.

You can definitely find meetups and other events all over southern New Hampshire. The Free State Project imports a number of other calendars including the Keene-area events, so it doesn’t hurt to check that calendar out too: Community — Free State Project

The FSP is a bit behind on a lot of the liberty stuff humorously. Hopefully that changes at some point. Brian was recently hired so it might. Right now they’re still depending on centralized solutions like Google Calendar (how embarrassing), Twitter, Discord, and other crappy censorship happy platforms. However the movers and shakers and groups from around the state are on a bunch of more decentralized and self-hosted tech like Matrix (we have at leas one matrix server hosted by our community, sort of more, but one reliable main one for the free stater masses), Mastodon (decentralized twitter, we have community members hosting nodes), Nextcloud (calendaring), etc. We also are on Lbry (decentralized YouTube) /, and some other maybe less desirable platforms like Signal (big debate on that one but…). We also are very heavily crypto.

If you haven’t been to the Porcupine Freedom Festival ( you might want to check that out. It’s the bigger liberty-ish event in New Hampshire. Most are libertarians if you ignore the few conservative troublemakers. Though if you want hard core libertarians you’re best bet is Forkfest is an offshoot of Porcfest effectively to bring Porcfest back to its roots as a non-centrally controlled and planned event. No one is in charge. The two events are held back to back with each other every summer, and compete in some respect with each other. By holding freer events you keep those who might deviate with the goal or are outright intentionally trying to disrupt our common aim of bringing more liberty minded people to New Hampshire and creating a freer place from being successful.

If you aren’t on Matrix I’d suggest getting on by following these directions: » Matrix Chat

Then come out to one of our events and we’ll add you to the numerous groups. You can get on the forkfest channel right away and the porcfest channel and some others like our crypto group.

The decentralized currency group (crypto, goldbacks, etc):

The forkfest matrix group:

The porcupine freedom festival group:

There are probably a dozen or two others… come out to an event like our Social Sunday event that happens every Sunday at 5:30 at Guerrilla Grill in Keene, NH and we’ll get you into the other groups. Guerrilla Grill Address: 176 Main St, Keene, NH 03431