Gaming out the ways DC & friends may try to undermine NH Independence Amendment

What are your suggested solutions to these projected scenarios:

  1. Legislative services refuses to process the amendment when it is handed to them by the rep(s).
  2. Someone or another tries to claim, and maybe enforce the claim, that such a proposal is not allowed because of the oath reps are forced to take to U.S. Constitution
    (My suggestion is to point out that it may be the only remaining effective way to uphold that constitution, which does not ban independence drives. Other methods of making D.C. follow it… like enthroning new presidents or voting for Ron Paul…have not had the effect of bringing them back within Constitutional boundaries. They ignore most of that…at least this is a peaceable reaction they can’t ignore. And since when are the people who might bring this up…focused on following constitutions?)
  3. Folks demonize selected supporters of the proposal…focusing on the messenger rather than the message.
  4. Pro-Washington faction or Washington itself pressures committee leadership, House leadership or state bureaucracy to take action of its own, the latter with appearance of plausable deniability on the part of DC.
  5. Hacking of pro-independence folks or financial/employment interference with them

And what are some other scenarios you have thought of?

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will be interesting

Others I thought of later:

  1. Someone tries to intimidate the sponsors into removing their names or failing to remove the CACR from the consent calendar. The latter could prevent a vote of the full house, but I think it just takes one rep and/or the prime sponsor to keep this off the consent calendar
  2. Committee members, perhaps under intimidation of some kind, reword the amendment with hostile intent toward its original meaning. This is probably the most likely scenario.

These below are more likely to happen if and after we get traction:

  1. Re-arresting Ian and Aria, or initiating law enforcement against key activists who are pushing this forward. Probably on unrelated state/local charges to make it look like a coincidence. Or something made up to make the target look bad. Be brave, padawans!
  2. Making people sick with plausible deniability. Feds don’t have a huge history of doing that but they did have a plan to try and bio-contaminate the whole island of Cuba apparently.
  3. False flag attack… i.e. govt harms someone and says "The Anti-Federalists did it! "
  4. Court challenges, state judges striking it down, then maybe fed, etc.
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If we succeed with NHexit, I will no longer be a “domestic terrorist” to the FBI.
I am hoping for International Man of Mystery.

Russell can you post detials here about your experience of being labeled a domestic terrorist and any appropriate links . I’d like to call talk radio about it. if they accuse you of all people , it reduces their cred…but only if people know it happened.

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I know I am labeled that by the FBI, since they called and left a message mentioning that.
I was arrested for being too close to a Planned Parenthood in South Dallas.
The call from the FBI came 4 months later.

I was eventually (after many months) convicted … or maybe no contest … and given no sentence. I only spent 1 night in jail (that is how long it took to “process” me in Dallas).
I have not heard from the FBI since then.
I think that is the new term they are using for all of us politically incorrect Americans.

added “court challenges”… can’t believe i didn’t think of that earlier

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