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Sunday 08/05/2018 to
Saturday 08/11/2018



Free Talk Live
Free Talk Live 2018-08-05
Aug 5, 2018 at 22:07 · 2:00:35
Alex Jones’s Lawyer says “No reasonable person would believe him.” :: Sandy Hook Conspiracy theory :: Kids taken in NM :: Plea Bargains :: Non aggression and Nazis :: Praying and Prank :: Sarah rambling :: Mark and Darryl
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Free Talk Live 2018-08-06
Aug 6, 2018 at 22:26 · 2:01:06
Alex Jones Banned from Multiple Platforms Simultaneously :: School Shooting Conspiracy Kookery :: Jones Sued By Former Anarchist :: Alleged Reasons Jones Banned from Facebook :: Libertarian Socialism :: Property Rights, Homesteading, and Morality :: Non Disclosure :: Alex Jones and Fetus Eating :: HOSTS - Ian, Mark, Melanie
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RE: skype
you can buy a usb soundcard with a hardware mute function.
such as this one.
additionally you can still use version 7 of skype for the time being.



Free Talk Live
Free Talk Live 2018-08-07
Aug 7, 2018 at 22:13 · 2:02:36
Free Talk Live Fires Skype :: Cell 411 :: Crack Cocaine :: Alex Jones Has More Accounts Shut Down :: Jones’ Rant About Drag Queens :: Candace Owens Suspended Over Twitter Posts :: Crazy Weapon Ideas :: Getting to Anarchy :: Sarah Jeong and Skin Color :: Racism and Individuals :: HOSTS - Ian, Mark, Johnson
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if your using skype on linux, you can get around the ringtone thing by creating a blank ringtone with (for example) audacity.
name that ringtone “CallRingingIn.wav” and save it in a folder called "skype_new_ringtones"
shutdown skype
cd to /home/user/usr/share/skype/sounds/

[code]cd /home/user/usr/share/skype/sounds/
rename CallRingingIn.wav

[code] mv CallRingingIn.wav CallRingingIn.wav.old

copy the new file to the skype sounds folder

[code] cp skype_new_ringtones/CallRinging.wav .
and thats it.
repeat for each file you want changed in the /home/user/usr/share/skype/sounds/ folder, changing the filenames as needed.
this will need repeated after each skype update, thus the need for the skype_new_ringtones folder.

this doesnt work on windows, as $micro$oft has buried the .wav files into .dll files, perhaps to keep users from changing them.
as mentioned before in another post, it appears that $micro$oft is pushing people who might actually use skype for podcasting or commercial radio into the paid pro version. while dumbing down the computer version to the mobile version.

there are other means of getting around this by using discord and other programs , notably telegram.
note: the bbcode tags [code] [ /code] do not work . space intentional so the tags actually show up. otherwise a blank line will appear even if i include something in between them.



i stand corrected.
$micro$oft offers “Skype for Business complete meeting solution” for free with a office 365 subscription for the low price of $8.25/ month per user (with a 1 year commitment) so if you have 10 users its 82.50/month. trial of 1 month allows up to 10 callers on a conference, 3 after 60 days.

this doesnt sound free to me. since its for conference calls, i think you can turn off the skype sounds in it.

now you can get a subscription for $5.00/month per user that includes no office 365 applications, but does have skype business. 250 people on a conference at once.


edit: we see where $m$ is going here, for the bucks. thanks $m$.







Free Talk Live
Free Talk Live 2018-08-08
Aug 8, 2018 at 22:27 · 2:00:49
Venezuela President Admits Failure? :: Venezuela Oil Woes :: Cobra Kai and Hollywood Out of Ideas :: Top Movies are Unoriginal :: No More Free Workplace Cafeterias in Bay Area :: App Culture :: Listener Formerly in Venezuela :: Fred Rogers Documentary :: Domestic Violence :: HOSTS - Ian, Darryl, Conan
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Free Talk Live
Free Talk Live 2018-08-09
Aug 9, 2018 at 22:07 · 2:01:19
NYC Council votes to cap ride-hailing licenses :: NC Surgeon is fighting a law preventing him from offering low cost MRI’s :: Caller suggest an audit of “Big Pharma” and prosecuting any politican accepting bribes :: “Certificates of Need” and cronyism :: Caller asking about courtroom theories :: Regulating the medical industry :: WV House committee votes to impeach entire Supreme Court :: David in NM :: Caller had an update on the Tommy robinson case :: WV Supreme Court corruption :: HOSTS - Darryl, Chris R
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Free Talk Live
Free Talk Live 2018-08-10
Aug 10, 2018 at 22:16 · 2:01:36
Anarcho Agenda Host Riley Blake Joins Us :: Venezuelan Dead Babies from Starvation :: Socialism :: Intellectual Property :: Market Charity :: NH Electric Rates :: New Hampshire Liberty Alliance :: Student Loan Debt :: European Water :: Dude on Shrooms :: Trump and Tariffs :: Four Day Work Week :: Courtroom Theories :: HOSTS - Ian, Darryl, Riley
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Feinstein’s real last name is Fist. Her father was Senor Wences Fist.

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Free Talk Live
Free Talk Live 2018-08-11
Aug 11, 2018 at 22:17 · 2:02:35
Mark Jumping on the Trump Train :: Trump Bump Mythology :: Russian Hackers and Hillary’s Emails :: Larry in Indianapolis Hates LeBron James :: Politics and Skin Color :: Russian Election Meddling? :: Oil Drilling Business Up? :: Libertarian Fundamentals :: Politicians Manipulating Elections :: Feinstein had Chinese Spy :: Alex Jones’ Best Week Ever? :: Government Oppression :: Slavery :: Gab Targeted for Takedown By Microsoft :: HOSTS - Ian, Mark, Riley
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