From Nashua - Hello, Freestaters!

  1. Tell us about yourself.
    I am an “escapee” from Mass.

  2. Why are you here?
    Looking to connect with folks who aren’t sleepwalkers.

  3. How did you find these forums?
    Free Talk Live radio show.

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Hello and welcome.

Welcome home Jim,

What do you hope to achieve in NH?

Hello Patrick,
The lockdown is isolating for many.
it seems that the web has become the primary means for social interaction.
I am interested in meeting locals who at heart are in tune with Agorist, Libertarian, Free State ideas.
How about you?

You should check out

Welcome to nuh hampshuh from a fellow masshole

I’m down with it, brother. Thanks for the welcome. Where are you at?


Greetings from Gorham! Sleepwalkers is a great word to describe the masses for certain.

I used to Ski Gunstock. The view of the lake was spectacular. You are in a great spot there in Laconia.

Hello JohnC in Gorham. Nice to make your acquaintance.

Hi Jim, Greetings from Franklin. I, too relocated from N.J. Looking to hook-up with fellow free staters as well.

Hey M is that you?

Lakes Region Porcupines meets saturday at shooters in Belmont. Noon!

Hi KollynX,

Not being familiar with Franklin NH, I had to do a look-up at Wikipedia…smallest city in the state - cool! One voice can make a difference when not too outnumbered.

Hi Milton,

M is nowhere to be seen. If you bump into M say “hi” for Me.