Freedom Loving Record Stores

Does anyone know of any record stores in The Shire that are not going to attempt to make me wear a mask? Thank you in advance for your time.

No, but I’d probably point you to the internet anyway. I’m no fan of others trying to control my speech.

I say just try to go in. Whats the worst that happens. they ask you to leave. I just went into two harbor freight tool stores yesterday and no one said a thing about my lack of a muzzle. And they have signs EVERYWHERE outside. I don’t try places that have a “greeter” (tyrant) at the door. (walmart, tj maxx). I know thats is not worth the try.

I don’t know where you are, but even stores with greeters in my experience don’t usually bother me. I even look them in the face when walking in sometimes. Just not paying attention to your surroundings is usually enough that greeters ignore you though. I have even been helped on dozens of occasions now by Walmart employees in the Keene store. The store has had greeters typically as of a bit and nobody bothers me going in and then after I’m in I even have sought out help to get locked goods. Again- on a dozen or more occasions.

Good to know. I’m in the Rindge area but go to keene for stuff. I don’t need to shop often but Harbor Freight does not offer curbside pickup. So I had to go in.

How about market basket? Is that someplace you go? My wife does the food shopping for the little we need. Shes a nurse so she is “used” to wearing a muzzle.

I will be attempting the DMV this coming week to renew my license. Aria said she just refused and they didn’t seem to care. I will report back. :wink:

I have been to the Market Basket in Somersworth twice since his excellency declared a mask mandate. I was not confronted on either occasion.

I have been to Market Basket in Swanzey on a few occasions this past year and on at least one occasions they limited the number of people going in and had a mask requirement. That did appear to be above and beyond what anybody else did at the time. That may not be the case now, but it was at one point. I also know Walmart has been more or less strict and Walmart is still counting head it would appear with two people at the doors- but then also not stopping people from going in without a mask. So…

I have to say if they wouldn’t let you in the renew your drivers license and there was no other option then that would be a great defense if they try to charge you later. Just document document document.

There is a six month option if the DMV denies me tomorrow.

I may of found the key to it all. I went “naked” shopping today at market basket and tractor supply. No one said a thing.

The key is: if you just don’t care, no one else seems to care too.

I believe it depends more on where you go. Like I have said, the Market Basket location in Somersworth did not say a word to me the two times I have gone there. Where I live, the big businesses have confronted me far less often than the small businesses have. I live in Rhode Island near the Maskachusetts border.

No problem with the DMV. Good for 5 years.

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BJs, Hobby Lobby.

I gotta say. It feels weird living a “normal” life. People look at me like I’m the crazy one. I think I’ll try to "stay safe"r @home (#withme), more. :wink: All they sell is garbage anyways.

**enjoy the propaganda **