Freedom loving people

My name is Steve Watkins. I escaped from California taking an early retirement and moved to Arkansas where my family has operated a small resort on Harris Brake Lake for four years. I operated a small collective in CA on weekends and nights as I worked for a city during the day as an equipment operator. I had a lot of time behind the wheel of different equipment and I spent about a decade of that time listening to podcasts like FTL, Freedoms Phoenix, Adam vs the man, Bad Quaker (Ben Stone), Dangerous History Podcast and so on. I’m here to further my education of Libertarianism and hopefully I’ll find some good people to chat with. I found these forums through listening to FTL. Now I’m looking for another bugout location for plan C incase the state of Arkansas doesn’t work out for me. NH sounds nice but the weather wouldn’t allow me to grow the type of foods and meds I would like to grow.
Peace Love & Go Naked


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