Free Talk Live Phone Number not working

Hi there.

Hey, I’ve tried the toll free number listed for free talk live and can never get through. I’m hopeful you have a new toll free number because, brace yourself, I don’t have long distance at my house and my no contract cell has limited minutes so I can’t use up minutes for calls to a radio show. I do all my calling from my home phone but most radio shows have a toll free number. Any news on a new toll free number to replace the old one would be great. then it can truly be “free” talk live again… :slight_smile:


There is no longer a toll free # and the phones are currently down unfortunately. We are still working on bringing stuff back up, but the FBI cut wires and has attempted to obstruct our ability to bring everything back up by messing with configurations, cabling, and stealing FTL studio equipment that had nothing to do with anything related to the excuse for why they raided. They have been somewhat unsuccessful in keeping us down, but it’s not going to be long before everything is fully restored.

If you want to contribute to helping us get back up and running consider donating at