Free stater Joel Winters' Gandhi-imitating organization

Winters was a state rep in the 2008 era and the first free stater early mover elected to the NH house.
However he’s changed his name to Brian and left NH. He’s also not really a libertarian per se; the agenda in its current form seems to be about 80 percent pro freedom, leaning left. That’s consistent with what Gandhi was doing. The plan is somewhat realistic, i.e. trying to organize 3.5 percent of U.S. swing voters, to be known as the American Union faction.

The plan involves ending the wars, ending mass incarceration and imposing a VAT tax.

He’s going to be fasting against election violence…on the 15th of each month I think, with a 21 day fast starting Sept 24 ( i think this is a significant day in Gandhi history). The big fast will not be water-only however, i think he is allowing himself about 30 calories a day in liquid form. If it gets off the ground, or even if it doesn’t, it may be something of value in maintaining the peace.

The legislative/political agenda is less encouraging since it would have to be filtered through Congress and even the Federal Reserve. They can be expected to let the authoritarian parts through and kill the libertarian parts, like they did to Reagan.