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Ian said the previous forum was dead. Sadly it appears like this forum is dead too.

I am still looking for someone who can help me post letters in the United States to get a wrongfully convicted man out of prison.

This forum has new signups all the time, actually. Just speculating, but you probably aren’t getting any offers to help because so far the extent of your posts has been to complain about the old FTL BBS going away. You might be being perceived as a troll.


too bad … better find an alive and kicking forum

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I don’t doubt the new sign ups, how ever there are not too many posts…

Yea, well, there are a lot of communications mediums these days. More people are on Telegram and matrix than on the forums. If you want lively discussion you need to move here is ultimately how you get into those rooms/channels/etc.

That said there is chatter here … forums though do tend to be better for support issues and things of that nature.


I just felt it was alot more action in the old BBS when I was on it. And that Ian said it was dead was mind-blowing to me, but then I also hadn’t been on it for years…

Are you in New Hampshire (or elsewhere in USA)?

Would you want to help me to post letters (if you are in America) to free a wrongfully convicted man in California? Trying to get it to the Gov.

I am in New Hampshire. Been here 5 years now. There are many wrongfully convicted men in the US and I only have time for the wrongfully charged men in New Hampshire. Alone and spread out there is no hope, but in New Hampshire we can fight back as a group and actually achieve something. Maybe it won’t be much, maybe it will be, I don’t know, but I do know it is a hell of a lot more than anything we can do by focusing on random shit spread out across the United States particularly when it mostly involves people who didn’t themselves ever put in the time and energy to fight for others. One thing I can say is the people in New Hampshire who moved for liberty and get targeted deserve our support whereas people who never bothered to move have more often than not done shit for us as a whole even if their circumstances are far worse. To help yourself you sometimes need to help others and so I’ll stick to focusing on NH and not worrying too much about those being screwed elsewhere since it won’t do me or them any good anyway. The moral of the story is move first, then worry about helping those who also helped themselves, as that is the only way progress can be made. Helping those who can’t help themselves and don’t care enough to help others just doesn’t result in progress. It just eats up resources that we have too few of.


No one is responding because the OP has a silly title, contains little information, and fails to suggest that the case would be of interest to people here. OK, I’ll bite. I searched for John Kenneys, of which there are many, and found what is likely the case:

Kenney admitted killing his neighbors, but claimed self-defense. Now he is 87. You are probably his daughter, maybe still living in France, and want to see your father again. This is understandable, but the case is not really the sort of clear miscarriage of justice with a relevant victim that would galvanize New Hampshire libertarians to action. You’re looking for help in the wrong place.

There are nonprofit organizations that specialize in prisoner justice, e.g.
I suggest that you create a web page somewhere with an eloquent description of why Kenney deserves to be released, and then provide that link when you make your appeals.

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Well, first of all I do think this is a great place to find supporters to the cause. Mainly because I am libertarian myself and a listener of FTL since over 15 years and the case got my attention and I felt it like a calling. It’s the worst miscarriage of justice I’ve ever seen!

Read up more on the case and you will see this for what it is as I have.

Again, it is a CLEAR case of miscarriage of justice… Probably in recent history. What do you mean relevant victim?

I am not his daughter, but I have met her here in Europe at the Côte d’Azur airport. Thinking she would look for help at a forum for libertarian activism in New Hampshire is a longshot.

(Website and 911 call animation is in progress… and coming soon. Very soon. The 911 call completely vindicates him.)

In regards to my postings… I’m just trying to find ONE person in either New Hampshire or elsewhere in the United States who is sympathetic to the cause and would like to help by printing out and sending letters.

MAYDAY MAYDAY we need to get John Kenney out of there


My high-school best friend died of cancer yesterday while serving a 25-year prison sentence, so I’m feeling helpful. If you want to organize support for a victim of the criminal-justice system, you need to collect material on a web page and make your best argument there. If you can’t be bothered to do that, it is unlikely that anyone else will bother to get involved. A good example, of interest to people in this forum, is:

By “relevant victim” I mean someone who NH-focused libertarians would care about. We tend to allocate our limited resources (time, money, sympathy) close to the center of our circle, e.g. someone wrongly convicted of a victimless crime in New Hampshire.

I’d look in this article for inspiration:

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