ForkFest Vending, Speaking, Party - List on

I’ve created a portal for ForkFest 2018
You can add events, vending, parties, etc.

Use the usual add listing link, now with instructions for making sure your listing shows on the ForkFest page


Cool - @Patrick, where is the Mesh networking talk going to be on the 17th at 1pm?

@FTL_Ian - Most likely at AltExpo 27’s site. Wherever that ends up being. If not there, then my site, wherever that ends up being. :slight_smile: I’ll update when I have that info.

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Ahh, good to know Alt Expo will be there. Has that been announced anywhere? They used to have a website but it’s now gone. (

There is a new site coming to - is what I hear.

will that be sooner or later… not sure.