ForkFest Fun(draiser) Games

I’ll be organizing some competitive events as a fundraiser for #TeamInnocenceProject’s NYC Marathon Team.
ForkFest Pentathlon
Entry: $5/event or $20 for all 5 events
50% of the funds will go to The Innocence Project; 50% of the funds will be distributed as prize money
Beer Mile: see rules here runners must provide their own beer.
Frisbee Toss: (will be like the discus in the Olympics, but will use a frisbee instead)
100 Meter Dash
Standing broad jump
Cornhole Tournament

Overall winner (most points overall): 9%
2nd place Overall: 6%
3rd place Overall: 5%
Event Winners: 3%
3rd place Event: 2%
3rd place Event: 1%

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Since prison, cornholein’ is my favorite event!


5 events = Pentathlon

you are correct sir… I typed the wrong word!

Maybe i missed it but what are the planned dates for these events? I would like to participate but im not going to be there until sat.

I’m thinking of doing this on Mon (Jun 18)

If thats the case then count me in.

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you can RSVP here:

This looks like a lot of fun, time to get in shape.

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