Forkfest Calendar 2021

The Forkfest 2021 schedule is online!

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Adding Events

  • If you have any events to add, please post them to the Forkfest Schedule Telegram Chat, and they will be added to the calendar.
    • Day/time/location and details preferred.
    • If you don’t have any events to add, get creative!
      • ie. Frisbee on the field 3pm, Volleyball, Beer/Grocery run, Community campfire, etc


  • This is still centralized, but at least none of it is dependent on any tech monopoly.
  • The Forkfest calendar is as publicly readable as I could make it, and can be edited by myself or others with an account.
  • The calendar is hosted on the Quillage cloud, which is run on Nextcloud.
    • Nextcloud is a federated, self hosted productivity platform.

See you at Forkfest!!!

What about if we are tabling at Forkfest? wants to get on the map.