Flat lander from OH

My family & I moved here 4 years ago from Ohio. We love freedom and have fallen in love with NH.

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Welcome. I still don’t think I’ve met you at any of the events we’ve been to. Thanks for joining the forum and for standing up for freedom.

Yea, if you get a chance you should come out to Social Sunday @ Pho Keene Great. It’s every Sunday at 5:30PM in Keene. Or Forkfest. Forkfest is a blast. Every summer is a 1-2 week long freedom event in northern New Hampshire @ Rogers Campground, Lancaster, NH. They got an on-campground motel and the campground itself is basically mostly taken over by us during at least part of the event. No organizers. Everything about it is unofficial including the dates and people just show up and make of it what they will. It’s fun. Get to meet other people you’ve never met living elsewhere in the state as well as people looking to move to New Hampshire as part of the freedom migration movement.

The site below offers information and links to various outlets of communication (with different people running different outlets, ie Telegram, calendars, mailing lists, etc):