Fight fire with fire

For an aggressive state to end, the state itself must end. Power corrupts. We would all be free if it wasn’t for people who feel they have “authority” over us. “Authority”, my friends does not exist. Larken Rose can explain this better than anyone. Look him up on you tube.
So anyways,if “authority” doesn’t exist then why don’t we all just click our heels together 3 times and make it go away ? The answer is simple. We are in fact dealing with a GANG. This gang wants to control humanity. One of the ways it does this is by knowing everything we do. (big brother for real)
You have to look at ways to counter-infiltrate and watch this gang. Heck, they are doing it to you and then some. By putting them in the open for all Shires to look at we can figure ways to counter them. Wonder how much ESTEY ASSOCIATES watches you all. Look them up. It is founded by a retired Peterborough Police chief named Butch (quentin) Esteys. This is a spy agency that operates at 170 Emerald Street in Keene. They have credentials with many alphabet soup agencies. Wouldn’t be surprised if some infiltrators come from there. Real boot-lickers for sure.
Another thing we need to watch and counter is recruiters. The cops and military recruiters like to get close to our kids. I often wonder, how the heck does anyone choose to be a cop. (other than the $/pension from our stolen income) Undermining the recruitment efforts would be a good start.

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One of the chiefs of a nearby town admitted to me privately that it’s getting hard to find new cops.


Watch what happens. A bigger portion of our stolen income will be used to attract these little boot lickers. It’ll be a very high paying job soon. After all tyrants are useless without their “enforcers”.

And they’ll increase ticket prices accordingly.

Have you noticed how many of these young indoctrinated schmucks look just like Nazi skinheads these days ?
Nature (and humanity) has ways of balancing things out. The public image of the cops is going downhill. The more people looking down on these oppressors the more “ripe” the picking will get. And picking we must do.
There’s a big thing going on in the heads of cops now. They’re starting to realize the power they have as a gang. In other words, the police will eventually rise ABOVE the political structure. The power of the police will be less in the hands of THEIR masters. A real runaway train. The less respect we give them, the more they are going to demand it. Check out the ZINES available through CrimethInc. One titled " Everybody Hates The Police". Print a bunch and get them out there. One way to help counter the problem. I am very happy to know there are others here that are in the fight. Our kids will look up to us for it. A.C.A.B. Love to my fellow freedom fighters ! Happy Valentines Day !