Establishing NH progressive - libertarian dialogue

Sent this or some version of it to three NH Democratic Party activists I know:

"Sorry to catch you at a probably busy time. Would you have an interest in setting up a “dialogue group” with me? This would be designed to reduce tensions , or at least enhance communications, between NH libertarians and progressives. Assuming you would call yourself a progressive. As I envision it, this would be a weekly public/open net meeting of some kind. I may reach out to a couple other progfolk I know and appreciate…to see if they would like to join it as well. But there probably isn’t anyone in the known universe I would completely refuse to dialogue with.

Dave "

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I should probably add that I’m not sure how I will pull this off with such a weak internet connection, but maybe forcing the founder of such a project into low profile/listening mode isn’t the worst thing that could happen to it. Maybe that will help keep it from being about me.