Enough Talk

My name is John Paiva. I am not hiding behind any screen names or whatever. I live in NH, middle aged married homeowner. I’m sick of the scare tactics, and I’m disgusted with people living in fear. Looking for like minded people who want to make it known how we feel. 100% peacefully but with no backing down.


Hello and welcome. How did you find us?

“scare tactics” by whom?


The NH State Government, led by Sununu, twisting data and stats, calling it science, and destroying businesses. The figures of infection and deaths within the general population related to COVID 19 in no way justify the draconian measures put in place. Theses measures have done irreparable harm to children, destroyed family run businesses, and made a one year and running “emergency” acceptable to the masses.


Get involved. Come out to community events, political events, activism events, etc. There is so much going on in NH, and the more we connect, the more we build businesses and wealth, the better this movement will get.

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