Early Day Libertarian

Hello ya’ll. My name is Jean Kutzer. I got involved in the Libertarian Movement while in high school in Bandera, Texas in 1973. While as a freshman in college in 1975 I was contacted by State Chair Lonnie Brantley who wanted a sponsor for LP candidate for President Roger Lea Macbride. Not being part of a campus organization I thought I could get permission from the Dean to get an existing group to sponsor him. How hard could it be? The Dean agreed but shook his head and said, “I wish you luck but success is unlikely. You might as well start with the most unlikely and approach that militant group, The Black Student Union.” “Thank you. I’ll do just that. How hard could it be.” So I did and they excepted after asking, “What will be so different about his message?” “Well he will talk to you about the next wave of the Civil Rights Movement. Liberty and Freedom or Equality? Everyone can be made equal. All it takes is hatchet, an ax and a saw.” TV and newspaper coverage was arranged. Roger asked me what he was supposed to say and I appologized for not getting with him first. He just laughed and said no that’s fine. Perfect actually. He passed this on to Dick Bodie awhile after this and Roger and I remained good friends until his passing.
I came upon Dennis Pratts on Qoura which led me to here. I’m seeking out other Libertarians and writers as I’m working on 4 projects and ideas for several more. My profile picture is temporary. That’s my Dad on Midanao, Phillipeans in 1943. A Captain by July of that year having joined the service in 1935 after running away from home right before graduation. No diploma and only 17 he joined the Army. And 30 days into basic training, for reasons unknown he was sent to Officers Training Camp at Fort Hood. Made 2nd Lt in Feb of 1936 only a few months past his 18th birthday. They gave him a nickname. The 30 Day Wonder Boy.
My experiences in Alaska with the LP spanned 15 years. I knew Senator Mike Gravel, Edgar Paul Boyko, Col. Norman Vaughn. Worked with Wally Hickle and Joe Vogler. Also Dick Randolph, Ken Fanning, Andre Marrou and many more. Stories to amaze you and chill the spine. Talk to ya’ll soon.

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Welcome. Are you planning a move to NH?