Documenting the Crypto 6 case

My name is Ricardo, I met Mark Edge at an Island, where he told me it would be a good idea to make a documentary about the case known popularly known as the Crypto 6. I’m a film-maker and believer that as long as you are not outright hurting someone else, you should be left alone to pursue your goals in life; institutionalized governments being the opposite of that.

As stated above, I’m currently trying to put together a documentary about the FBI raids on the Crypto 6. That rabbit hole led me to which led me here. I’m hoping to find some neat memes.

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Yayyyy thanks for what you’re doing ballad! Does this mean Utila/Hondurus effort is already bearing fruit?!

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You’d have to ask him, I was on the other one, Guanaja, that has a similar project going on. Last I heard, they found a fresh water well and finished the dock, so I guess they are moving forward. We can chat if you have any more questions. And please consider backing the Indiegogo campaign if you think telling the story of the crypto6 as a documentary is worth it. for all the info.