Ditching Facebook as Activism

De-Facebooking seems to be at an all-time high, and I am totally on board with this paradigm shift. I am in agreement with @FTL_Ian that Facebook has been seriously detrimental to our porcupine community.

So where do we go from here? I’ve just got an account on MeWe, and I’ve noticed that other porcupines are already using it. It has an events calendar, and I think that’s the only feature that’s really been keeping me on Facebook.

Check it out, and let me know what your preferred social media sites are.

Glad to hear people are considering alternatives, but why would I even want to bother with a facebook replacement? Shire Forums are here, they are organized, forums have worked for years. We’ve had an events calendar for years: http://calendar.freekeene.com. The crypto meetup group has actually brought new people out in real life, which facebook NEVER did.

Telegram, Discord, and Riot are providing live chatat various levels of security.

What’s so great about MeWe?

There’s also a statewide calendar that I have a short URL for called the NH Liberty Calendar: http://calendar.shiresociety.com

MeWe looks well done.

My main issue is it is closed source, centralized, and the chat doesn’t appear to be encrypted. Other than that, it has many features I like.

Movim is an interesting option but lacks a social calendar - seems more aimed at online communities than integrating services useful for connecting with people in actuality.

There’s an open source social networking program that can be installed on a server. We experimented with it, but again, why bother? We’ve already got the tools we need - why contribute to another platform aping facebook?

doing my best to expand out from facebook, but i do want to try and maintain the pro freedom groups i started there. I’ll try to be more active here. sorry i have not been more active here already but at least this is an alternative. Re-establishing the kind of synergy we used to have on the nhfree.com forums and the free state project forums…would be a significant accomplishment and thanks to ian for attempting it here.

Originally the groups I admin’d were part of the excuse I was making to stay on facebook. Finally, I just said “fuck it” and walked away.


I think the novelty of big community online with everyone was interesting and attractive to the masses since it started 15+ yrs ago but our ability and skill to create personal/decentralized p2p community is winning for us as the negatives of centralized community are increasingly oppressive.
Anarchy for the win!

Facebook isn’t activism. It’s more like anti-activism and more of a contributor to the downfall of freedom and liberty. And I agree with Patrick. If we can’t get a complete set of sources it should be off the list. We need to retain as much decentralized control as feasible. Otherwise it poses a risk. You don’t want any company or government to be able to swoop in and shut our communities down. Telegram and forums over Facebook. Riot over Telegram and forums. etc etc

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