Dinner Saturday Night

My wife and I are the producers of PorcFest this year and we will be there a couple of days early to hang out with you guys at ForkFest! We are planning to go to dinner at The Olde Bostonian Tavern and Grill at the Cabot and pay with crypto on Saturday night. We’d love to have some of you join us! RSVP here so we can let Laura know how many will be there to make sure she can accommodate it.

Rodger Paxton


Do I ever turn down an offer to hang out with you & Jessica?
What time were you thinking?

Really anytime. Whatever the consensus seems to be. Laura says they are open until 10pm.

I prefer not eating after 6-ish

I’m in. We put her to the test tonight. She’s super-excited to take crypto. Recommend everyone pay with DASH to experience Anypay’s new NH-biz-only “DASHback!”.

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Correction, Anypay informs me that DASHback may not be available. It will be unpredictable if it will be on or not. It was not on tonight, sadly. (But was on last night.)

@paxlibertas what time will this be?

We’d love to officially meet everyone and dinner sounds great.

We’re free anytime.

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Rodger told me he’s thinking of going around 6p