Diego - From Florida

This is my second draft because I realize I did not answer all three questions on the first draft.

I guess you could call me Hispanic, even though in real life I don’t categorize myself, and I never go by the term “Latino.” But I think it does make it easy for some people to categorize me in a background, and so that is why I say it. Also, I’m retired Navy, and I have lived in Maine and have spent a few months in New Hampshire, and I would move to New Hampshire in a heartbeat if the opportunity presented itself.

In the meantime, I would like to help other Floridians build a local free state. That is why I am here.

I came across the Shire Society because I asked Alexa to play “libertarian radio” and she played LRN DOT FM, which took me awhile to google because I kept hearing Learn Dot FM, which doesn’t exist. Anyway, I found the website and clicked on the “Radio Forum” because it has been my plan for years to create a local AM or FM radio station that played libertarian shows all day long, such as on LRN dot FM.

Welcome sorry for the delayed approval!

it’s a song actually… " LRN dot FM , Feds don’t want you… to hear THEMMM!!" :slight_smile:

What is the opportunity difference?
I guess Maine has more opportunity to collaborate with the State on business, they share the first fruits of your income when you work with them, right? Unlike the State here.

Also happy to chat on telegram if you want to discuss.