Depositing USD into BTC Exchange?


I’ve just spent two hours trying to find a respectable crypto exchange that will allow me to deposit USD in some way other than a wire transfer.

I’m looking to increase my BTC holdings through dollar cost averaging and can’t be sending off international wire transfers every couple days. My local ATM has been fine thus far, but I’m looking to “step up”.

So, anyone know an exchange that allows debit or ACH transfers from a New Hampshire resident?



I know plenty of people hate coinbase/coinbase pro but I suspect any exchange dealing with ACH is going to have similar know your customer requirements



I’m not worried about KYC for this. Just need a service similar to Coinbase’s now that they’ve cancelled my 7 year old account without giving a reason.



Try Gemini. They suck shit too, but have ACH, I believe. I think Kraken also has enabled ACH.

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Thanks. I managed to get set up with Gemini and plan on checking out Kraken as well.