Demonstration supporting Russia's anti-war protesters (Colorado Springs)

Time and place subject to change for now. I couldn’t find any Colorado Springs protests scheduled against the Ukraine invasion, so it seems useful to create one. If someone else sets up a better protest in town then we will probably merge with it.

What: Demonstration in support of the thousands of Russians who’ve been arrested by their government for protesting its invasion of Ukraine. If you want to call it a protest against the invasion, that would also be accurate.
Where: Tejon and Bijou (SW corner of Acacia Park), Colorado Springs, Colorado
Why: Because Russian anti-war activists are the top heroes…they hold the best hope for ending the world’s downward spiral, and we want them all released!
Who: I’m Dave Ridley from…just another de-platformed videographer.
When: Saturday March 5, 2022 …2:00pm.

Facebook event (may show time incorrectly): Redirecting...

That’s where I am at the moment so that’s roughly where the demonstration will have be, and I don’t have a better place to post it. Stay tuned for updates/changes.

This is still on track / on schedule

Someone else has now apparently scheduled a sign making party in Colo Springs the day before the actual protest. Hope to meet some of you there! They wrote: " Ok so making signs at community food pantry Fri 5pm-6pm at 3219 s academy"

Meanwhile first news coverage: Support for Ukraine protest at Acacia Park this weekend - KRDO