Decentralized LBRY Protecting Free Keene Videos From YouTube Censorship

Originally published at: – Content FreedomI’m excited to announce that decentralized blockchain-based media protocol called is now hosting the over 900 videos from the Free Keene YouTube channel! Yes, that’s more than a decade’s worth of video! Thanks to LBRY, we’re no longer subject to YouTube removing our videos, since they’ll be ingested into the censorship-free…


Neat. The link doesn’t work in Discourse with Chrome though. (Had to open in new tab.)
What will you do if someone outbids your @FreeKeene name?
You should host your videos on also.
What other good content is on LBRY? It’s hard to find good stuff. Most of the stuff on the home page seems like just gamers.
How do you play at double speed?

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Yeah the way Jeremy designed it is anyone can outbid a name space to prevent eternal copyright or name squatting.

Have not looked at this:

Too much to read. If someone outbids the current name, I’d be honored that someone felt the name was worth something and spent their time to do that.


I was looking at LBRY and IPFS just trying to understand the two in the mist of the ongoing YouTube purge.

I can see @starrychloe’s points on LBRY. For @FLT_Ian, the TL;DR; version of the “claimtrie” thing is if someone uses the same name and the total LBRY credits (LBC) they “paid” to claim the name + the total LBC they get in “support” of for their content is more than another person then the person generating the most LBC gets control of the name.

So IPFS looks better but I don’t see an easy interface to serve up content into more traditional formats, like hosting a video on a web page (without writing my own code). In fact, their own demo video on is HOSTED ON YOUTUBE!!

So since this thread is super old. Does anyone have any new insights? How is LBRY working out?