Hi folks!

I’ve been a free-marketeer going on 12 years now ever since Ian and Mark punched me in the mouth with the ideas of freedom and liberty. I’ve been wanting to move to NH for literally the entire time. I can give a huge amount of excuses why I’m not there, but those would be excuses. I’ve got a wife, I’ve got special needs kids, and for the first time in my life, I’m doing good. Covid-19 has graced me in Alaska by making my employer lay everyone off and I’ve coped by starting, in earnest, my own delivery business. I’ve committed to it.

I originally signed the statement of intent with the Free State Project 12 years ago, however, in that time I’ve found that after countless years of thinking about it, I can’t support the idea of compelled governance. I can’t, in good faith, accept that anything more than self-governance. Government that chooses to use aggressive force or fraud, no matter the ends, will lead to tyranny.

I am deep diving into NH currently in preparation of finally moving. Currently, my wife and I were talking about moving in two years. Now, the conversation has moved to a year just recently. If it was just, lets pack up and move, I’d do it. But I have special needs children that require most attention then neuro-typical children. So that takes time.

I’ve joined these forums to assist me in the deep diving of information collection.

I found these forums through the years of listening to free talk live, the free state project, and the shire society.

Peas be with you.


Doo it!



do you have any questions


We are currently a Doordash Independent Contractor, does anyone know what the Doordash business look like? We have a Alaska Housing Financing Corporation that operates as a loan guaranteer, does such a thing operated in NH?

That’s all I can think of at the moment.

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I would guess that doordash is big in all the cities.
How do you like doing that in your city?

I like it. I’m making as much money in my area as I did being employed. I have more freedom. Some days I work short hours. Some days I work longer. I can earn my rent in a week if I need to, or some other bill that needs to be paid.


Doordash is all over the place here in Manchester. Every fast food place and nearly every restaurant offers either Doordash or one or more of the other gig delivery services. Though I can’t speak to the number of drivers / level of competition. Instacart is also quite prevalent.


Doordash is active in Keene, I see their logo around and Wes is one of their drivers.

So, my wife and I have been talking. She has a problem and it’s difficult for her to talk about it, so I’m going to be her voice. My wife has, among other mental health problems, anxiety about meeting new people. I’ve dropped her into several Facebook groups in an effort to help her get used to New Hampshire, and meet people with similar interests.

I wanted to drop in here and see if there was anyone interested in communicating with us, which would help ease her anxiety. If you’re interested, send me a message with your email address.