Cryptocurrency a Trojan Horse?

Been thinking a lot about Cryptos lately, and have begun to wonder if they’re a Trojan Horse. Just who is Satoshi Nakamoto anyway? Bitcoin comes out of nowhere, is directed to those who’d most distrust electronic currency if it were openly developed by the financial/political system (Federal Reserve, the “banks”, NSA, etc) and is made to look openly attractive to the same people. That is, breakdown the resistance of those who’d put up the greatest resistance. Build a general buzz over it, let it expand like any bubble, then keep popping it. Then people (not libertarians) start looking for some stability and turn to a regulated (ie: Federal Reserve) electronic currency. Then the state monopolizes the issuance of said currency, and have complete control and knowledge of how you spend your money.

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I think bitcoin/cryptocurrency was hijacked. I do not think it was compromised from its inception. It’s easy to build the narrative that you echoed (it’s been posited for years). I remember people being similarly skeptical of Ron Paul, wondering if he was part of a convoluted deep state psyop. I reject these kinds of theories because they are based in the assumption that the state is omnipotent, which it isn’t. The state is quick to mobilize and co-opt threats to its existence, but not powerful enough to carry out such a scheme.

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Furthermore, it’s pretty hard to actually co-opt a decentralized, open source crypto-currency. You can try to manipulate the users, or use it to some extent to your advantage, for your purposes, but you can’t secretly force it into some mold that benefits you in some way it wasn’t designed for.
Perhaps you could -openly- force it into some mold, but obviously, it’s quite easy for anyone who notices to simply shift over to one of the hundreds of other crypto currencies that are out there.