Crypto to Charity

If you feel charitable, it’s important to ask, as I did, “What’s your Bitcoin Cash address?” matches your gift, one day a year, to registered charities. The Independence Institute at, is a free market think tank in Colorado, and every year, they participate in “Colorado Gives Day.” Today, I got their usual reminder that today is that day. On a whim, I asked “What’s your Bitcoin Cash address?”

I didn’t know if I’d get any response. I thought maybe they’d say “we should think about that.” I actually got a reply a couple hours later, including (get this) an actual Bitcoin Cash address. I was so shocked that even though I’d already given by credit card, I gave again, more generously.

This isn’t about me. This is about giving back. I’d like to encourage those who feel blessed to take the opportunity to do similarly…and remember to ask! You know what else? It makes you feel really good!

(I’ve removed some specifics since the time period for giving has ended.)

Important: this is not a plea to give to this particular cause, just an opportunity. If you’ve been blessed by crypto, please take an opportunity to give back.

Oh yeah, I probably overpaid the mining fee (~25¢) :joy:

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