Crypto noob needs help understanding Edge wallet fees

Does anyone know why transferring BTC into a stable coin in Edge wallet displays a network fee of only a few cents and then the resulting total in stable coin is missing $30 or more?

Yes. I think so. There is a transaction fee for sending the BTC to an exchange and then the exchange charges a fee. That $30 must be the exchanges cut. a better question is why are you converting to a stablecoin? The Edge Wallet isn’t intended for traders. There are exchanges and wallets for that matter that are designed for traders. They’re usually what I’d call hosted wallets so you don’t control your money. Somebody else does. It’s not optimal for those seeking freedom. The moral of the story is not your keys not your crypto. You might check out the Unstoppable Wallet for traders if that is what you are doing. If you are a liberty-minded person looking to spend crypto consider this wallet: and for something easy to use another wallet that isn’t terrible is the Edge Wallet. It supports monero, btc, bch, dash, and others as well as the pay protocol which means you can use it to buy things from merchants who accept crypto via the two most popular intermediary merchant tools. Ie Anypay and Bitpay (online). To get the edge wallet you can go directly to and click Android Direct Download. This is particularly if you are on LineageOS or GrapheneOS or some other OS that doesn’t have the evil malisious Google Play Services / Google Play Store / etc.

1 Like is a newer dex on thorchain (cosmos/ibp) that can swap in BTC to eth for next to nothing. From eth use an eth dex to get DAI or whatever.

Soon thor will integrate many more coins including xmr and ust (terra).

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