Coral Beach, Stop Fighting the Man and build Liberty

I have scoured the globe (OK that is an exageration) to look for Liberty and I have found a place that has much, Coral Beach, Utila.

I will enumerate some features that point in this direction and maybe you can help me come up with some more.

  1. Cost of Living, it is just cheaper here.

  2. We have a mote. Coral Beach is the keystone to the South Shore of Utila, which is basically its own island. Getting to the SS if you don’t own and aren’t welcome at CB is kinda hard.

  3. No one can remember the last time a cop was there. We have our own security.

  4. They built their own road! It is like a libertarian dream.

  5. Government there has little Will or Reach. They don’t want to bother CB or the SS. They just want a few bucks.

  6. It is mostly N Americans there. There are like 100 people on the SS and most are US expats.

  7. There is no income tax for foreign sourced income.

  8. There is no sales tax, from what I could tell. Govt there is such a mess that it wouldn’t surprise me to know that there is a Sales Tax but no one pays it.

  9. CB is going to be CryptoLand. We are building out a system that will allow you to pay everything in crypto.

  10. The Internet is good and getting better.


Sounds like a near paradise, Mark. The pictures of it look amazing… they have me drooling, especially the coral reefs!

How long have you been there now?


I am not yet there and I have not yet closed the deal. Our hope is to be done with the first building by Jan 2023. There are 8 units on our property at this time. So, one could move if one had the vision, but I am not really ready for folks that want the whole experience.

I don’t intend to stay in any one place for the rest of my life, but I know this is the preference for most, and FTL needs a place where we don’t just get raided by the FBI every 5 years. That sure wasn’t on the 101 Reasons to Move to NH. “Come get raided!”

Isn’t it always over 80 degrees there…

Aren’t summers unbearably hot

I know someone who lived in Cancun and they said it was unbearable in summer

Here are the temps on average, but basically the answer is that you never need a jacket and flip-flops are considered Business Casual.

Space enough to grow our own food? That seemed unavailable in the CNMI when I checked out real estate there.

There is definitely room to grow food in the CNMI, but Coral Beach has about 100 acres for food, ag, water treatment and that sort of thing.