Coos County, NH vs Washington County, ME debate - Rexit (Republican County Secession)

If someone was to start an anti-socialist political migration and secession project in one New England county, which should it be?

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I don’t think coos is a R stronghold

I don’t think coos is a R stronghold

The most important thing is that CoösNH population is only 33k - nearly identical to WashME. And both have shrinking existing population, which means Massholes don’t go that far north.

If all 2000+ Free Staters that made the move targeted that one county, the activist concentration there would be about 6%. That’s around 40 times higher than 0.14% in NH as a whole!

WashME’s main advantage is of course the ocean. Very beautiful islands. If a coastal county secedes, it can become USA’s Hong Kong and a gateway to seasteading!

Beijing Biden got 46.2% in Coös, advantage WashME where he only got 39.0%.

Some other (less serious) WashME advantages that I’ve mentioned in the post on

  • The most Republican coastal county in the North East [north of Ocean County on the Jersey Shore, where I am now].

  • No Democrat POTUS candidate got majority there since 1968.

  • Named after George Washington, who knows a thing or two about secession. :grin:

  • “In the 2012 Maine Republican Presidential Caucuses, the majority of Washington County voters cast their votes for Republican Ron Paul, but votes from Washington County were not counted because of snow.” :open_mouth:

  • Nicknamed the “Sunrise County”, it includes the easternmost point in the United States… It would be great symbolism if it was the first county of the Rexit movement, cracking the dam and shining the light for other counties to follow!

So, dear Free Staters, what arguments would you make for choosing Coös instead?

there are a bunch of coos county free staters that hang out of fb and in person … you can join up with them