Converting prepaid debit to crypto

What options are out there for converting a prepaid debit card to crypto.
Not concerned about hiding ID just need to get it done with minimal fees.

My solution to the high fees was to find a wallet where you can customs set the fee.

BitPay wallet has that option. Unlike dash that’s literally having me spend $200 to convert to dash. Freaking nuts!

Just google average bitcoin fees and set what you think is appropriate. That’s not to see it won’t bounce back - so be mindful.

What’s this about $200 to convert to Dash? Which wallet is the Bitcoin in?

200 to do anything with DASH sounds like your doing it wrong. Transaction fees aren’t the issue.

I am trying to convert a prepaid debit to btc,ltc without going through purse and paying %15 + premium on the coin.

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Jaxx on iOS wallet.


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Don’t feel bad. I have a huge transaction stuck in the mempool.

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I can’t recall any place in Bitcoin history that has taken a prepaid debit card. Prepaid debit card companies are also famous for freezing and closing your account on the slightest hint of impropriety.

Coinbase takes verified bank debit cards, but with an extra premium on top of their already high price premium.

Local Bitcoin with cash might be your easiest option.

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anywhere that takes a credit payment should accept the debit too, right? there have been numerous places to swap reload cards but giving away the whole debit/credit card is somewhat of a logistic/security issue imho so actually spending it to or something like that seems the easiest conversion.

Exchanging debit cards is definitely a violation of Federal anti-money laundering laws.

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Did you all notice that Roger Ver is working on a Bitcoin Cash debit card?

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You guys thought I was kidding when I said fees are at $100 roughly.
Roger Ver the man himself- said the exact same thing in this interview. Bitcoin is dying my dudes, time to trade up.

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Yup. Multiple inputs on top of high fees makes astronomical fees. People are trying to deny it (perhaps because they haven’t encountered it), but they’re real.

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I was going to use Circle to pay my mortgage off (above board.) Waiting for a clarification, but it looks like I can’t open a Circle account and transfer Bitcoin to it, then cash it out now. Don’t really want to use Coinbase, or other exchange.

Any other ideas? Found one friend who may want to buy (I’d rather sell to people I know anyway, and let them in on the advantages of Bitcoin Cash, and mechanisms to convert), but not on that level.

I’m a little lost what are you trying to do?

I use bitpay debit card for bitcoin cash. I haven’t specifically used it to cash out BCH but I know they offer it. Do some research on it.

If you’re moving that kind of dough and are going to be legit about paying your taxes anyway, I’d use which is Coinbase’s “professional” trading platform. There’s no fees if you create a limit order to sell, and only a 0.1 to .25% fee to sell at market price. Free ACH withdrawals, or $25 wire transfers.

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Jay gets it. I want to make two large Bitcoin sales, each under my gross annual income, to pay of my mortgage. Talked to someone I’d describe as a crypto industry heavy hitter and he says he may be able to help. Can’t say much more.

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