Continued unnecessary ShireSoc and FTL changes?

There’s this concept called “if it works don’t fix it.” after setting up this new forum, which is still inferior to the old forum and automatically changes many of the things we write… there are now changes to the Free Talk Live site itself and new obstacles to the listening process… I went to my usual download link, it was broken, and then when I went to the main page it apparently won’t let us download archives without logging in to soundcloud. This external site centralized and ripe for deplatforming activity.

You don’t have to explain yourself Ian, but it sure would help if you’d think twice about making future changes that lack backward compatability and interfere with our ability to listen and communicate. Sure i may be missing something or getting something wrong in my interaction with the site, but if i’m having that problem…so are many others.

Sorry - old site was broken and downloads weren’t working at all. There is a widget in the sidebar - the download link is under the “Share” arrow icon. No login needed.

hokay fair 'nuff.

at " Show Archives | Free Talk Live " I see still no way to download vids more than day old there, even though it says you can. It’s also about twice as difficult as last month… to skim thru the text descriptions of each show’s content.

Dunno about others, but i’ve stopped listening because of these changes, unless there is a specific report I need to hunt down. And I just had to go back and modify this post because this crappy new forum software changed what I had written, like an Orwellian speakwrite. Happens with almost half my posts. Changing things can have negative effects that last for years.

Sorry Dave. Did you look for the share icon? It’s right there on the player. I realize it may be hard to recognize. It looks like a little arrow going to the right. It’s located to the right of the “skip forward” icon. It’s the farthest right of the row of icons. All you have to do is press that and then press the download icon.

It’s no fewer steps than the old site, which previously required you press an “i” icon to the right of the front page player, which then took you to a new page, on which you then pressed “download”. Actually, this new system is faster, because the download link is now right there on the front page of the site, but you have to click the share icon first.

I noticed you mentioned downloading videos - the process I am giving you is for downloading MP3 files. If you want videos, you’ll need to get them from Odysee/LBRY via

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I had downloaded some full episodes in the past, but discontinued that because they were too long for me to keep up with. Then someone alerted me to the digest version. However, I was unable to download any of those, so had given up on FTL.

After reviewing this conversation, I went back to try downloading the Digest version again.

I went to Listen / MP3 Archives and got to Show Archives. Chose a Digest version, got to the audio, paused it and clicked on the “download” button. As with my earlier attempts to download Digest mp3s, nothing happened. I tested this for multiple Digest editions and at least one full version today and received none of them.

p.s. - There are no topics listed in the descriptions for the Digest editions. One has to go to the full version (which starts playing automatically) (pause it, in my case) to see the topics, then back to the Digest version, where it is not specified whether some or all of the topics are included.

I see the somewhat hidden download option again but now the problem is that it wants to spew audio at me while i’m just looking at the summaries . I cant read the summaries while it is blaring at me and I don’t want to have to turn off my whole laptop sound every time I’m at your archive, is there a way to mute your archive page without muting my whole computer?

thanks for the help ian

On my system, when you are in the browser tab that is playing the session, there should be a Pause button.

Did you press play? It should not be auto-playing. I have never seen such behavior. Please give me the URL on which you are having the difficulty, thank you.

It does it on here

when I click on any of the Digest editions.

Ah, there is no setting to prevent that behavior. Shayna’s recommendation is simplest, Dave - just press pause.