Concord: State House demonstration against DCYF June 5 2p?

I saw this on telegram but it’s an image rather than text… anyone know more?
DCYF is the child “protective” bureaucracy.

I haven’t, I’ve got Alu’s trial on my calendar for Monday June 3rd. It wouldn’t hurt for some of us to go and get some video. I don’t know anything about it or whose organizing it. I know we’ve had Jay Noone and Shalon targeted using DCYF among other libertarians.

If you get more information as to where we’re protesting exactly, the time, date, and preferably whose organizing it I may add it to my calendar. My problem is I’ve gone to so many events and not had a chance to publish video/articles on what I’ve already been to. I’m always amazed at the amount of time Ian managed to find to get articles out. Fortunately Bonnie, Brad Jardis, and maybe even another person or two have been posting to Free Keene.