Concord Monitor publishes independence LTE

From @penguin

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Great letter!

Well done, Chris!

:slight_smile: Nice. They actually published it.

good they published mine to… there was about a 10 day delay if i recall

At roughly the 10 day mark… the laconia sun has published none of our LTE’s. but i’m not sure how many were sent… I sent one around sept 8.

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Here’s a red meat post from quora to get your hackles up…file under “well that escalated quickly”:

"They must not have anyone who grasp the Constitution in New Hampshire.

The Constitution is a binding and unbreakable contract, to do so is to declare war on America. In fact, if I ever get off my ass and find a decent Constitutional & Contact lawer, I think each states elected, could be sued for breach of contract and were I in law enforcement, I might go for a criminal conspiracy to deny Americans their rights.

The South never had the right to secede from the Union.

There is only one real reason to do this, and that is to avoid the Constitution of the United States and all Americans being equal.

These are the actions of desperate white folks trying not to become a minority, which is smart given their own history on the subject of being an American first, not any personal attribute as nothing matters to the Constitution but are you an American citizen.

But it’s also stupid, because they are Americans and the only thing stopping them from being a Patriot, is the importance of the color of their skin causing them to shit on America & our Constitution.x

The Right ae small minded stupid ignorant white people and the fact they can’t tell the truth about anything, including their God and that makes them worthless Americans regardless of their standing in society."

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I think this guy has illegally tapped my phone line

I support CA and SoCal secession … that nation will have a majority population of off-white people of latin american heritage … is that good or bad?