Coinbase alternatives?

Hi, is there anywhere other than Coinbase to make debit card purchases of BTC and altcoin? My personal bank account and Coinbase are not communicating well with their debit card verification system. Only one deposit ever shows up, not the two required. I’ve spoken with my bank and they can only ever find the one. Since I cannot get my debit card verified, I’m stuck with checking account transfers which take many days to complete.

Not that I’m aware of. Coinbase only lets you use a bank debit card with verification because of fraud associated with the nature of such transactions. It’s too high risk to take otherwise for anyone for cryptocurrency.

Alternatively, you could send a same day wire transfer to Coinbase’s “professional” side, (they share the same login and account details). This will cost you whatever your bank charges, plus gdax’s $10 incoming wire transfer fee.

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Thanks for the info! I will look at gdax.

I heard Square Cash had rolled out BTC purchases to some users, but I do not appear to be one of them.

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There is I’ve used them a couple of times.


Any thoughts/experience with Kraken?

It’s good, generally, but now it’s awful due to constant site outages. Hope they get it fixed. You must use wire transfer to fund your account if you want to use USD.

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I think Roger Ver was talking about adding card purchases of Bitcoin Cash to Not sure if that’s live yet.

Yeah, check here:

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