Clarifying legal definitions of blockchain technologies

from Tobius Ruck’s presentation “The Art Of Not Breaking The Law” at eCC 2022. Many of the of the core points of the presentation could be used to provide some much needed clarification on distinctions and definitions of Bitcoin, funds, and ownership for the defense with the pending appeal.

The section where he Venn diagram’s “what bitcoin is” according to the actual code, the regulators and the users.

Also, using better/more accurate language when talking bitcoin.

The selectively interpretive language of FinCEN guidance and enforcement.

C6 raids are mentioned here.

Bitcoin is not an MSB.

However, he does warn of much “bad news,” which essentially are legal capitulations that give into the regulator’s definitions of terms without challenge.

Ways to keep your feet out of MSB-land by building around the users.

Concluding, “we have to be extra careful and follow the law” of a government that has unlimited resources to do whatever they can.