Chess Tournament - Win BCH!

The First Forkfest Chess Tournament!
BCH Prize!

This tournament will be timed. Register and practice playing with a clock on Saturday or early Sunday morning.

Registration: All day Saturday and Sunday until 10:45am
Tournament Start Time: 11am

Registration fees: 0.02 BCH

1st Place: 0.1 BCH
2nd Place: 0.02 BCH

This will be a Double Round Robin tournament between capped at eight players. Each player plays two games against each opponent. Point system is as follows: wins earn 1 point, draws earn 1/2 point, losses earn zero points.


After doing some research, I think this is the first over-the-board chess tournament entirely in cryptocurrency!

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I’m interested, keep me posted


Very important to practice using a clock before the tournament! It’s not just a battle of wit, it’s also a battle of time management. Running out of time, even in a dominant position, is going to be a loss or, if your opponent lacks sufficient mating material, a draw.

Time management is another dynamic to the game that can give you another path to victory. Or it can be a liability that could cause unnecessary losses. Clocks are not to be feared, so make sure you play some games before the tournament to get used to it!