Cheers from Denmark

Hi there

For the last 20 years I’ve been searching for freedom and how to come about freedom from totalitarianism and tyranni, something that can be hard to come by with a almost completely Stockholm syndrome struck demographic and without a proper bill of rights to secure the natural persons and their natural rights, to freedom, the underground and so forth.

If any of you have experience with the Danish legal system, let me know, please.
I’m currently battling court over small-time stuff, a unpaid and invalid bill.
I want to be free from them stealing in form of taxes, which is 40% here at least here.

I have watched and taken notes of JUSTINIAN-DECEPTION, GLOSSA-channel, and Dean Cliffords remedies, it doesn’t seem the court accepts the estoppels.

I feel an urge to emigrate, I need good clean air if there is such a thing, nature, to be growing as much of my own food and medicine as possible, I also want the right to bear arms and protect myself.

You can write to me here, no worries

Kind regards

Welcome. @jaynoone is also into Dean Clifford if I recall correctly. @Jay_Noone Not sure which account of his is active.

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Thank you. I see Dean is relatively active on Instagram

You would love the Shire.

I like Dean Clifford, but the Kurtis Richard Kallenbach

Method mixed with some mark Stevens has been working well for me.

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