Cash me in Manch

I heard about these forums on FTL several years ago & never signed up till seeing reminders from Ian on Facebook.

I’ve been living in Manchester ever since making the move from Florida in 2013. I’m involved in or interested in Agorism, Police Accountability, & Legislative activism.

I’ve been providing affordable transportation to folks in the community since my move & have now transported at least 250 porcs to work, airports, community events, or medical appointments.

Feel free to ask me any questions about living in NH or seeking employment, housing, transportation, etc.

You can also contact me at Riazk27 at Gmail dot com or find me on Facebook.

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awesome! nice to meet you! i’ll be moving in a few months either to keene or manchester although the former is more likely. i think the best way to make this work for me would be to get a job at home depot here and transfer to the keene location or to simply move to manchester and pick up warehouse work there. :slight_smile:

C&S Wholesalers is always hiring warehouse workers, from what I’d gather.

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Welcome, Riaz. Glad you came over from the evil Facebook.

thanks for the tip! they don’t have any warehouse worker positions open now but i’ll check frequently :slight_smile:


We have a Police Accountability group that goes out if you are interested in partaking. Most of us are in or near Keene, NH so we tend to start out here, but frequently head over to Manchester and surrounding areas. We’ve done Manchester, Nashua, Hillsboro, Concord, and even a bit of Vermont in the past 6 months or so. We have been going out on Saturdays mostly although we had done some Fridays. Though Fridays have become a bit much for me and it seems others are finding Saturdays work better for them too. If you are interested let us know. We tend to organize on Telegram and someone can add you to the group if you want to join us. It’s a growing group. We also have been advertising on (although I’d encourage you to get on Telegram so you can partake more actively):

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i’m interested in getting a text laser projector and setting it up before a checkpoint or to warn others about police or to advertise freedom oriented messages to others. i’d be out there doing that.

Yea- a text projector sounds awesome. I don’t know how well it would actually work though. You need something to project against I think. The other thing is we’ve half won the war against check points in NH. They’re almost non-existent now and every time they have one (which I think is maybe a few times a year at best) there are a ton of activists out warning people of the check point.

I’d say that’s not entirely true.

I actually organize the checkpoint activism in Manchester & that only accounts for about half of the checkpoints in NH. Activists generally ignore all the others.

We also already have a large laser we use to project messages for these events, as we’ve been doing for years.

You should definitely join us! Checkpoint season for Manchester PD is May through September.


There hasn’t been a checkpoint in Cheshire county that we’ve been aware of since Summer of 2012.

wow thats great! i’d still take advantage of an opportunity to inform traffic of a nearby cop or to throw up general freedom propaganda tho :slight_smile:

Aww- so where else are they doing check points? Why are we ignoring the others? That said from what I gather from you it still seems rare to me. I’ve wanted to partake and in the year I’ve been here haven’t managed to get to a single check point event. I was aware of two total and I think both were in Manchester on days I was out of state for conferences.

I thought it was mainly Manchester a few times a year… Either way if it’s Manchester and one other place that sounds like a struggling/failed initiative along the lines of: “we do it because we don’t want to be shown to be weak or let those activist types think they defeated us” mentality (or otherwise have too many cops to know what to do with them all).

Anyway- I’ve been active in police “accountability” activism throughout lower New Hampshire and a little bit of Vermont. I’d love to back others up on anti-checkpoint activism.

There are checkpoints all over the state, almost all of them in the Summer.

Manchester gets at least 5 per year.

I generally see some each year in Chichester, Portsmouth, Bedford, Seabrook, Salem, Concord, etc…

That’s a pretty handy list. Looks like I was right - the Walpole one we blocked was the last one since 2012 out here.

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I’m not on Facebook, but if you give enough notice I’d love to join you!

I’ll be sure to post on Shire Society everytime there’s a checkpoint that I get wind of, the moment it’s announced.


Awesome- thanks!

I just got done helping at the Manchester one from 10PM-2AM and 09/21/17-09/22/17. There were five of us while I was there from 10:15-12:15. I forgot to make a sign, but a few guys brought some from the Quill. It was pretty successfully, I did a lot of yelling and pointing. I think it was a 60/40 success rate, maybe more.

Did they stop doing them?