Capital Interest Music Lounge at Forkfest 2019

Relax, discuss, indulge in excellent music, and occasionally dance.

This year’s Forkfest features the Capital Interest Lounge, a space centerred around musical ideas.

Saturday - Deep House Lounge (low energy)
Sunday - Trance Dance (high energy)
Monday - Deep House Lounge (low energy)
Tuesday - House Dance (high energy)

Friday (Porcfest) - Big Gay Dance Party (high energy)

8pm - 11pm
Later when permissible


PorcFest party Saturday night? Friday would be better. Higher energy. Saturday everyone is wiped and ready to go home in the morning.


Right! Post updated.

What? The Big Gay Dance Party is coming back to Porcfest? That’s great news for Porcfest. Now you’ve given me a reason to attend…

Monday, June 17th

Pirate’s Happy Hour at Somalia Fest
The Babb Compound (Site 133)

Pirates’ Big Gay Somalian Road Building Disco
Capital Interest Lounge (Site 58)

That’s great! Can’t wait for the Big Gay dance party’s return (under new management).

So excited for this!