Can we change settings on this forum to allow normal keyword searching within thread?

Whenever I’m on these forums and I hit ctrl + F + enter… it does not jump me to the word in question.
Instead it opens up a new page with a list of topics that have the word in question. This is a huge problem for anyone trying to search our threads for a specific word. The reporters I’ve sent to the main FBI raid thread will find it hugely frustrating, as they are not used to such a bad interface.

Can any of you fix this? Or a least tell me how to do a normal ctrl + F type search that jumps me to a word on the web page rather than opening a list of links? grrrrr

Ctrl+F works the same here (on page, no new window/tab) as it does everywhere else for me in both Firefox and Chrome.

thanks. looks like if you just type ctrl +F twice, that lets you do a normal keyword search of the page