Businesses that accept Crypto/Precious Metals in Keene

Hey everyone,

With my moving to Keene I’m curious about both getting further into crypto and also using more to reduce the amount of Fiat in my life.

Is there particular businesses that are very crypto friendly? Is there a list I can look up?


The maximum list to spend crypto for exact amounts at businesses is or by using another crypto intermediary.
Unfortunately direct crypto acceptance is fairly paltry and generally you’re lucky for a handful of restaraunts and similarly miscellaneous other businesses that accept such. Check the for meetup, usually they’re at such friendly businesses.
The internet and online business is relatively unique in amplifying business reach and allowing direct crypto acceptance to be a viable and significant revenue stream whereas IRL it just isn’t feasable for businesses.
E.g. the local burger shop quit taking crypto despite regular meetups bringing them $20-100 each as well as drop-in usage whereas via internet, BTC and crypto buys burgers on bitrefill through burger king, door dash, five guys, uber eats, instacart, grubhub, Texas roadhouse, Buffalo wildwings, Dave & busters, Applebee’s, outback, IHOP, longhorn, bj’s, red robin, sonic, hooters, ruby Tuesday, TGIF, steak & shake, chili’s, and others.

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Thank you for the response. Admittedly that’s a bit disheartening to hear but it’s not going to hinder me moving over that way. I’ll definitely look over at that meetup calender to see what’s up.