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This guy gets it.

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Holy violations of the Non-Aggression Principle, batman!

How about we start by saying:


Not that you’ve needed my permission. There must be no sacred cows that are beyond criticism, no matter their ethnicity or religion. Everybody has an agenda. All groups have an in-group preference. All collectivism is built on lies. Everybody wants power. No one deserves your blind faith.

And then we can have an honest conversation about why one ethnic group that constitutes 0.2% of the world population is responsible for such a lion’s share of left-wing terrorism, revolutions, political power, control of media, etc, etc, etc.

They’ve already called you a “nazi”. Now you are free.

Please take this conversation elsewhere. I’m sure there are plenty of places on the internet that welcome your views. This is not the place for bigotry.

Ok. But you mean it’s not o place for that type of bigotry.

To ask displays your own bigotry.


  1. intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.

I’ve actually been pretty tolerant, but that was just towards your posts because I like you. Now it’s becoming a constant issue and it doesn’t make this a very welcoming place. Racism isn’t allowed here and I don’t know if you’re talking about Jewish people as a race or religion or both, as I don’t really want to spend much time looking at these posts. I did try watching some of this Brother Nathaniel guy and he’s a clear homophobe and is clearly against anyone who is a Jewish person, so yeah, that content is not welcome here.

“each individual is the exclusive proprietor of his or her own existence and all products thereof, holding no obligations except those created by consent - EXCEPT THE OBLIGATION TO NEVER EVER CRITICIZE GAYS AND JEWS!!!1”

Go be a collectivist somewhere else. This is a private forum with rules to which you agreed upon entering.