Breaking The Flaw!

It all started in my mind and 2 months of adrenaline pumping Alex Jones voice in my parents basement. I moved to We Are Change and other online alternative news and resources.
Then I became a Ron Pauler and eventually a Ron Paul delegate. In that time I met Shem at a Ron Paul rally and was recruited to the Free State Project. The Ron Paul Campaign ended I focused on natural rights and became an anarchist. I went to my first Porc Fest with much delight and left me wondering more about life haha. I discovered Free Talk Live and was one of those views Stephen Corbett was talking about when the Free Keene Robin Hooders made his show. From there I started my own activism with a camera. Snoop Dogg shared my video of a Central Falls Hood Rat cop, and next thing you know my channel with less than 1k subscribers, blew up over night. Now I actively maintain my Youtube Channel Breaking the Flaw by going out and filming what needs to be filmed; Tyrants run amok and it is our duty to hold the accountable. My camera is my defense. I hope you all go over to my channel and subscribe. Don’t just follow me but follow many other auditors and activists with cameras. If anyone is interested I can post a log of my main stream news appearances and older embarassing state-speak videos of myself.
Bitcoin address: 35ykjJmUeYazyeyd5JJjdDUQ7BroEf4EaC

Welcome! Glad you made it.

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Glad to see you on the forums BreakingTheFlaw! I’ve seen some of your videos. Good stuff.

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Dude, get some exercise, please.
Using an “I cant leave your house because its too remote” is no excuse for your continued trespass and extortion of a ride last SporcFest.
Trespass is something I would believe you have been convicted of based on seeing you do it to me then plus the multiple other accusations.
Squatting on property after being told to leave is WRONG of you to have done.

Just for the record, yes I voluntarily donated you the $500 cash that time and the under priced dime you got off me that other time (I forget if you profited $500 or $1000 on that one).
Ultimately it was that scumbag trespass extortion you pulled that made me realize you’re pure taker.