Blockchain or Hash Graph?

There’s no doubt that Bitcoin/Etheruem and other projects developed with Blockchain technology will keep growing their popularity in the crypto market.

What about Hash Graph technology? Is its low popularity going always to remain the same even when its technology offers way better solutions than blockchain?

Is our society mature enogh to implement technologies depending on their quality or the level of popularity (marketing)?

Hashgraph wont be used until the central banks get complete control of it. Right now they are focused on blockchain. You have to take baby steps when taking control of the population, otherwise they will notice.

The institutional money will love it.

I can see the deep damage that westhern society has created to its own individuals, making them believe that “no system” is needed to keep Existance going. Just OBSERVE any species and you will see the importance of a “structure” beyond political paradigms. If your TRIBE couldn’t love you, it doesn’t mean Love is not real.

That’s “collective kharma”, unvalanced of your chakras and Gates. Meditation will help you in case your culture hasn’t totally distroyed your Hope and you can still LISTEN to your Inner Being. Good luck mi Hermano…