Mining Pool Six-Month Results

I started mining in late May when the price of a bitcoin was around $2,000. I purchased a six month contract with, as I was not sure about how this would work out.

I invested one BTC at the time. My question was whether or not I’d get more BTC out of it than I put in?

During that six months, BCH was born and I decided to flip my miner over to support the underdog. At that time, just under three months in, my miner had collected .614 BTC.

Since I flipped to BCH, I am not able to compare apples-to-apples, and so my results are unclear. The final result from BCH mining for about three months was 4.627 BCH.

I believe had I stayed on BTC the entire time, I may have gotten over 1 BTC back out.

Another way to look at it is in terms of the value of what I did get out. Today, .614 BTC is worth about $5,100 USD. 4.627 BCH is worth $5580 ($1206/BCH today). That’s a total of $10,680 in value from what was originally one BTC, which right now is worth $8,315. So, even if BCH was $511 cheaper, it’d have still been in-the-black.

Looks like the six month contracts are gone. I’m going to try a 12 month this time and see how 100% on BCH will do.



Thanks for the update. I was passively curious, since I do have BTC and BCH to invest. If holding were more profitable, there wouldn’t be any point in contributing to a pool.

Thank you for the update! I was wondering about this exact outcome as I had started mining after you mentioned it on air.

As an aside, down for everyone, or just me?

Working here. Here’s a handy site for you:

For what it’s worth, my issue with accessing turned out to be a local DNS issue with a new ad/malware blacklist we added. I have since white listed to resolve the issue, but I thought @Roger_Ver might want to know.

DNS Blackhole List:

Domains Blocked:

Dirty pool from the Blockstream gang, getting blacklisted? I’ve heard them make similar claims of their enemies.

this was helpful, I think their text on is confusing. thanks ian.

I really don’t get it. When i calculated my estimated profits I got about 5 $ per month. Why would I waste my time for 5 bucks per month? There are better ways of doing activism while sleeping …

It’s really nothing more than a hobby to me. A way to support the crypto.