Binance deposit disappears; no human response to support requests 3 days later

Warning: Binance appears to have immediately lost a crypo deposit (BNB tokens) which I sent them around Feb. 11. I sent a customer service request and a follow-up e-mail around Feb. 12, but as of early afternoon Feb. 15 I have not yet received a human response.

I’m starting a small PR campaign to retrieve the tokens and am learning of other serious concerns about this once reliable crypo exchange. I’ve already posted about this elsewhere but I’ll probably make this thread my one stop shop for information on the problem, posting more details here later.

No I was not leaving money on an exchange, just attempting to trade it.

Many of these exchanges like Binance and that evil blue one are understandably really far behind in support requests due to the scale that people are joining platforms, returning to platforms and trying to regain access.

Social options could work, but I would certainly suggest filing formal complaints with them to help spur it along. In those formal complaints, mentioning legal action will further help spur that along. I believe that hitting up binance in a formal complaint would help here. Find the terms and conditions which should help locate how to file a complaint. In those complaints, mention abiding by arbitration and that you intend to get to that stage. That will light a fire. They don’t want regulators and legal issues that cost more than simply getting you the BnB back.

Good luck

they’ve resolved this after i raised concerns thru their PR department and told them I was starting a PR campaign to get it back. also there is something complicated in terms of Binance coin memos that was not clearly explained… and they said that I wrote down the memo wrong when I sent the crypto. Be careful! Thanks for the replies!